Ullmann is one of Italy’s leading distributors in the hardware, tools, building and paints sectors.
Established in Genoa in 1931, Ullmann offers its 2,000 clients professional products and world-class brands, all sharing features like top-quality materials, outstanding design, and excellent value for money.
Our Catalogue includes a wide range of items to create the perfect high-end “tool box”: markers, blades, cutting and measuring instruments, traditional and digital spirit levels, specific products for the light construction industry, spatulas, scrapers, and a wide range of laser gauges.

Our main strengths as distributors include:

  • a qualified team with a well-established presence all over Italy;
  • a large, diversified client portfolio;
  • effective, comprehensive management of the entire sales and administrative process;
  • targeted investments in marketing and communication to effectively support our products and brands.


Over 2,000 catalogue item

A 2,000 sq. m. masonry warehouse

1,000 sq. m. entirely used for storage purposes

35 sales agents operating all over Italy

14 headquarter employees


In March 2023 we secured the ISO 9001:2005 Quality Certification – the first important acknowledgement of Ullmann’s transition from being a family-run business to a well-structured, efficient, and modern company.

The ISO 9001 Certification was the culmination of a long path that involved the entire Company, and an investment in internal governance aimed at effectively meet our clients’ expectations.

Our goal is to remain competitive while tackling the new challenges posed by the market.


We have worked for decades with major manufacturers at an international level, with whom we have forged strong, mutually profitable commercial relations based on trust and common achievements.
Our partnership with Tajima, the leading tools manufacturer in Japan, dates back from the 1970s, when the first snap-off knife blades were imported to Italy. We can also boast equally enduring relations (dating back over 40 years) with Japanese manufacturer Snowman, whose industrial markers are now market leaders, and with US-based Miller, who we have been cooperating with for more than 60 years.
More recent partnerships include the one with Condtrol, who produces laser measuring instruments and has offices in Russia and Germany.
Every year we provide our suppliers with a report of our activity, in addition to meeting with them periodically at international trade shows.


Long-standing experience and a deep market knowledge

We have been working in Italy for over 90 years, we know the market and its dynamics, and we have a large, diversified portfolio distributed all over Italy.

World-class catalogue products and our dedication and reliability in the management of commercial relations are the pillars of our reputation on the market and the key to our clients’ loyalty.

Sales force

Our sales force is a strong team of professionals that drive our growth on the domestic market and effectively and independently manage the great diversity characterising this sector.

We coordinate and support our sales team and periodically organize training activities and meetings to share useful information allowing to successfully convey to our clients the value of our products and brands.

To support them at best, in 2017 we introduced the figure of the company psychologist, which proved to be a winning choice particularly during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. This professional figure helps employees increase their focus, concentration, stress management abilities, and drive towards objectives.

Administrative Management and Technical Support

We directly manage all administrative aspects related to sales, which, considering our large wide clientele, means significant added value: from price definition to dedicated discounts, from special offers to payment terms and conditions, all the way to returns and debt collection.

We also provide direct technical support for our products. When this is not feasible, we select highly qualified Italian laboratories and companies, so as to ensure that any issues our clients may be facing are solved fast and effectively.

Marketing and communication

Our marketing department takes care of product launch and brand management on the market by designing the packaging, taking pictures and shooting videos for the various sales channels and social networks, developing dedicated advertising, writing press releases, and publishing columns on trade magazines. We develop our Catalogue and sales materials in-house, and we design and implement the Italian version of the various brand sites.

We also take part in national and local trade fairs as well as in Open Days at our clients’ premises, developing dedicated marketing materials.

Product safety and compliance
We gather and verify information on product safety throughout the procurement chain to deliver to our clients unmatched reliability. Our Regulatory Affairs department checks for product compliance for the European market, draws up and updates safety data sheets, verifies all mandatory information on packaging, directly informs our clients, and develops and performs specific tests on the products to verify their robustness, reliability, and precision.